Propagation Observation

2/10/09 – Tuesday Propagation Observation

There was no visible growth in the Brettanomyces propagation flasks yet as each flasks media solution was still unclouded. Further, there was no growth on the MYPG agar plates created from the single colony streaks. I will give it 48 hours and check back again on both.

2/12/09 – Thursday Propagation Observation

All the flasks now have visible cell growth. The flasks are cloudy compared to the flasks which were observed on Tuesday. Some of the flasks already have a slight Brettanomyces funk with a slight sour acetic aroma. All the streak plates also have visible cell growth and an acetic acid type aroma with a slight funk. Some ‘bread-like’ aroma was also noticed.

BSI-Drie batch culture day 3
Day 3 of Propagation

The next step is on Monday (2/16/09) to prepare a few new agar medias, before streaking the propagating flasks out onto different Saccharomyces growth resistant mediums and MYPG agar to confirm these are pure cultures of a Brettanomyces sp.

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