Onondaga Community College Transfer Agreements

Classes are held on the main campus with several new and recently renovated facilities. In addition, several courses can be completed entirely online. Onondaga offers a transfer center to help students transfer to dozens of four-year colleges, both in New York State and across the country. Onondaga`s mission is also to support student success through its unique learning centre with support and support programs. About 70-80% of CCO students plan to continue their studies and obtain a bachelor`s degree at an institution of 4 years after attending the OCC. If planning is right, the transfer of OCC can be a smooth process. This trail program allows selected students to graduate from Syracuse University after attending Wells College for a year. The length of college and the type of degree will be the same as if you had joined Syracuse University in the fall, but the path to Syracuse University will be closer to that of a transfer student. For a copy of the agreement with your school or university; or if you are considering moving from a school or university that is not mentioned below, please contact the admissions department for help. Qualified students can attend the following SU programs: Syracuse University has partnerships with a number of institutions. These partnerships, which include a series of “articulation agreements,” help transfer course work to similar programs in Syracuse.

Suny Course Equivalencies A resource to check course equivalencies in suny colleges and universities. Graduate students obtain simultaneous admission to the OCC and ER with a flawless transfer into one of the 33 SU programs and receive a plan to assist in the common application application to the common application online application. You will be charged a registration fee for each application. Some colleges have an “internal” online application that is sometimes free. If you transfer to school, you`ll explore them. Don`t use this for SUNY schools. Bigfuture A common research tool with tips for planning a transfer from a community school to a four-year school. Moyne works with community colleges in our area to help students manage the transfer process. These partnerships and agreements are intended to provide advice for the selection of courses at the community school that meet the requirements of the Moyne. For more information about a particular school, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at (315) 445-4300 or admission@lemoyne.edu.

The reverse transfer credit agreement will help you if you earned credits that were in effect for an employee`s degree while you were enrolled in the CCO, you did not get enough credits to graduate, and you completed your training at Syracuse University. This agreement should allow you to transfer your earned credits to Syracuse to OCC in order to have the opportunity to graduate from your collaborator while you are doing a bachelor`s degree in Syracuse. To obtain a copy of the agreement, please contact the Marketing Authorization Office. New York State Private College Search A college transfer search engine for private colleges in New York State. The grades earned at previous colleges do not apply to your onondaga average. Students who wish to challenge the evaluation of all transferred courses should contact the transfer assessment coordinator transfereval@sunyocc.edu to request a re-evaluation of these courses.

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