Service Agreement Between Doctor And Hospital In India

J. Meeting, Records, Reporting and Liaison Duties. The medical director sets regular meeting times with the EPP/hospital administrator or its delegate and meets on that date with the EPP/administrator or its representative. With the clerical help of the hospital, the medical director must keep in due course all records that have been reasonably requested by the EPP/hospital administrator or his representative for the efficient operation of the service. The Medical Director reimburses the status and operation of the service and the nature of the medical director`s activity, as requested by the EPP/Hospital Administrator or the hospital`s medical staff, in order to fulfil his obligations under this agreement and to ensure the competent and effective delivery of professional services of the service for the various services and services of the hospital. 2.2.3 Designated personnel. The contractor refers to one of its radiologists, who is reasonably acceptable to the EPP/hospital administrator, that the hospital is responsible for the availability and quality of professional medical and administrative services provided by the contractor and that it is responsible for the radiation protection of the service. This person may be the medical director of the service, in accordance with the statutes of the medical staff or even the official authorized to sign this agreement on behalf of the contractor. The licensee may replace the agent provided by this section, after notification to the hospital and agreement of the EPP/hospital administrator, which cannot be improperly detained or refused. 2.1.1 Calendar of contract costs.

The parties recognize that, for the most part, all payments that the contractor receives for professional services provided in connection with this activity are determined by royalty scales established by public payers (e.g. B Medicare) or by private third parties (z.B- For patients who are insured or insured by these payers, the contractor unravels in accordance with the royalty schedules, as these are determined and modified from time to time by the third-party payers concerned. For patients who are not insured or insured by these payers, the contractor must establish and charge a fee schedule for all services charged by the contractor through the service. Fees are (i) the average of royalties charged by private third parties whose royalties are not higher, at best of the owner`s well-being, than fees for similar services under similar conditions in the community medical services of the institutions; However, provided that this section 2.1.1 does not require the supplier to obtain price information from its Community competitors, (ii) that it is separated from the fees provided by the service agencies provided to patients and that (iii) is modified, reduced or allocated in a manner consistent with applicable law.

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