Wisconsin International Fuel Tax Agreement

The International Fuel Tax Agreement was created to organise and simplify the notification and distribution of fuel taxes on motorways. Both the truck industry and the U.S. government felt that there should be a more efficient way to pay and pay taxes on fuel paid by intergovernmental airlines. Today, IFTA consists of 58 member countries – 48 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces. IFTA was created to simplify things, but there are still deadlines and documents to submit. If you`re worried about following IFTA`s licensing deadlines, let TruckingOffice`s experts help. Our software makes your life easier by helping you track fuel tax reports, manage your bills, shipments, fuel purchases and more. Your miles are automatically calculated with PC-Miler. If you want to know more about how TruckingOffice can save you time and money, please contact us today. Start by registering your IFTA in a simple way today! A basic jurisdiction is where your qualified vehicles are registered and where the company`s operating controls are maintained. If Wisconsin is your primary jurisdiction and you are travelling between one or more member countries with a qualified motor vehicle, you must apply for an Ifta Wisconsin license.

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