Media Cultureablity of Brettanomyces Species

Screening of Various Media Agars

I have finished collecting and compiling data on the ability of B. bruxellensis (WLP650), B. lambicus (WLP653), B. claussenii (WLP645), B. bruxellensis (BSI-Drie) and B. bruxellensis (CMY001) to culture on popular brewery related media agar. This is the first part of the research and was carried out to find the relevance of each media, its use throughout the project, and practicability of use in the brewing industry. The observations should be useful for QA/QC labs wanting to culture and maintaining various Brettanomyces strains. The strength of colony growth was judged based on the time it took for single colonies to develop with distinguishable morphological traits and the ease with which each medium could be used to enumerate and identify strains. The medias which colonies were observed on were MYPG, MYPGcc, MYPGch, WLN, WLD, CuSO4, Lysine and UBA agars. To read more about the Evaluation of Yeast Culturability on various media agar check out the link or you can find more information on strain specific Morphological Traits on various media agars.

Ability of Brettanomyces yeasts to culture on various media agar

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