Cell growth/biomass

MYPG Compared to Wort as a Growth Substrate

While most of the batch culture propagations were conducted using wort as the growth substrate, I also looked at how batch culture growth proceeded using MYPG as the growth substrate. This study was performed with each of the three Brettanomyces strains from Wyeast by inoculating them  into 100 ml of MYPG substrate and 100 ml […]

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Propagation Data and Graphs

I have finished compiling the data on batch culture propagations conducted with five of the Brettanomyces strains. The following two graphs contain data from the standardized propagation method described in the previous post using 12 °Plato (1.048 gravity) wort as the growth medium. Some variation between growth patterns can be seen along with what appears […]

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Wyeast to the Rescue

4/30/09 – Thursday Over the past month or so I have been e-mailing with Greg Doss of Wyeast Labs as previously mentioned and it turns out the gracious people over at Wyeast were able to supply the Brettanomyces Masters Project with three slopes. WY5112 (B. bruxellensis), WY5526 (B. lambicus) and WY5151 (B. claussenii) were shipped […]

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